NCRP Proposition 1 IRWM Round 2 Solicitation

The Proposition 1 IRWM Grant Program provides funding for projects that help meet the long-term water needs of the state, including: assisting water infrastructure systems adapt to climate change; providing incentives to collaborate in managing the region’s water resources; and improving regional water self-reliance.

The North Coast funding area allocation is $26.5 million, with approximately $22 million available for implementation projects over the course of two rounds of funding.

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The North Coast Resource Partnership awarded $12,720,000 in Round 1 to 20 Priority Projects in 2020. The remaining $8,480,000 will be made available via Round 2 of Proposition 1 IRWM Implementation Grant Funding.

Solicitation Process, Materials & Support

Solicitation Process, Materials & Support

NCRP Proposition 1 IRWM Round 2 Solicitation Materials:

Proposals will be accepted until 5 pm, November 4, 2022

Project proposals can be submitted via email to

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For More Information

If you have questions, need additional information or proposal development assistance please contact:

Technical and Proposal Development Support

Support will be made available to help project sponsors develop application materials in accordance with the source funding guidelines and eligibility requirements. A team of technical advisors made up of regional experts will be available to provide one‐on‐one assistance to those interested in submitting applications. The time allotted to each entity receiving technical assistance may vary, but is estimated between 2-6 hours or more based on need and availability. Types of support may include help with CEQA compliance; permitting requirements; disadvantaged community determination; cost estimates for planning, design and engineering; tasks, schedule and budget worksheet review; project scalability; project benefits; and general proposal review.

WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS: Mondays at 12 – 1 pm via Zoom

REQUEST PEER-TO-PEER ASSISTANCE: send a brief description of the assistance needed to and we will setup a date/time for a meeting with technical advisors.


It is recommended that project proponents attend one of the informational webinars and become familiar with the project application preparation and submission requirements. Workshops will be held via zoom with opportunities for participants to ask questions. The zoom meetings will be recorded and posted to the website.


Eligible Projects

Eligible projects must yield multiple benefits and include one or more of the following elements:

  • Water reuse and recycling for non-potable reuse and direct and indirect potable reuse
  • Water-use efficiency and water conservation
  • Local and regional surface and underground water storage, including groundwater aquifer cleanup or recharge projects
  • Regional water conveyance facilities that improve integration of separate water systems
  • Watershed protection, restoration, and management projects, including projects that reduce the risk of wildfire or improve water supply reliability
  • Stormwater resource management projects to reduce, manage, treat, or capture rainwater or stormwater
  • Stormwater resource management projects that provide multiple benefits such as water quality, water supply, flood control, or open space
  • Decision support tools that evaluate the benefits and costs of multi-benefit stormwater projects
  • Stormwater resource management projects to implement a stormwater resource plan
  • Conjunctive use of surface and groundwater storage facilities
  • Decision support tools to model regional water management strategies to account for climate change and other changes in regional demand and supply projections
  • Improvement of water quality, including drinking water treatment and distribution, groundwater and aquifer remediation, matching water quality to water use, wastewater treatment, water pollution prevention, and management of urban and agricultural runoff
  • Regional projects or programs as defined by the IRWM Planning Act (Water Code §10537)

Solicitation Schedule

  • January 21, 2022: Draft 2022 NCRP Project Review and Selection Process Guidelines approved by the NCRP Leadership Council
  • July 15, 2022: NCRP Proposition 1 Ad Hoc Committee meet to review Final 2022 NCRP Project Review and Selection Process Guidelines and application materials
  • August 15, 2022: NCRP Proposition 1 IRWM Round 2 Project Proposal Solicitation announced
  • September/October 2022: Informational & Assistance Workshops
  • November 4, 2022: NCRP Proposition 1 IRWM Round 2 Project Proposals due
  • November 7- December 2, 2022: TPRC Project Implementation Proposal review
  • December 1 & 2: TPRC Project Review meeting
  • December 9, 2022: NCRP LC & TPRC meeting for final project selection
  • December/January 2023: Priority North Coast Project sponsors work with NCRP staff to develop materials for the NCRP Proposition 1 IRWM Round 2 Implementation Regional Grant
  • February 1, 2023: NCRP Regional Project Application due to DWR