NCRP 2019 Proposition 1 IRWM Project Proposals

On March 15, 2019 the North Coast Resource Partnership received 36 project proposals in response to the NCRP 2019 Proposition 1 IRWM Project Solicitation.

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1 – 12th District Agricultural Association, Drought Response and Water Efficiency Project

2 – Blue Lake Rancheria, Water Storage Project

3 – Briceland Community Services District, Water Supply Enhancement Project

4 – California Trout, Scott River Valley Managed Aquifer Recharge

5 – Conservation Biology Institute, Fire Risk Reduction Decision Support for the Russian River Watershed

6 – Covelo Community Services District, Collection System and Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

7 – County Service Area No. 1, Onsite Emergency Power Supply for Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations

8 – City of Dorris, Water System Infrastructure Project

9 – Eel River Watershed Improvement Group, Cuneo Creek Riparian Restoration Project

10 – Eel River Watershed Improvement Group, Kenny Creek Instream Habitat Enhancement Project

11 – City of Eureka, Storm Water Management and Sea Level Rise Resiliency Project

12 – City of Ferndale, California Street Sewer Replacement

13 – Fieldbrook Glendale Community Services District, Water Tank Seismic Retrofit Project

14 – City of Fort Bragg, Pudding Creek Water Main Relocation

15 – City of Fort Bragg, Storm Water Trash Capture Devices

16 – Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District, Rainwater Catchment Rebate and Streamflow Enhancement Pilot Project

17 – Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Ranney Collector 2 Rehabilitation Project

18 – Lewiston Community Services District, Water Distribution System Replacement Project

19 – Mattole Restoration Council, Carbon Sequest Lower Mattole River and Estuary Enhancement Project Phase II

20 – Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association, Mendocino Woodlands State Park Sediment Reduction Project

21 – County of Mendocino, Mendocino County Coastal MS4 Area Trash Capture Devices

22 – Mendocino County Resource Conservation District, Forsythe Creek Floodplain and Riparian Restoration Project

23 – Newell County Water District, Water System Improvements Project

24 – Pacific Reefs Water District , Water Tank Replacement Project

25 – Round Valley County Water District, Upper Grist Creek Watershed Restoration Plan

26 – Sanctuary Forest Inc., Drought and Emergency Water Project

27 – Scotia Community Service District, Emergency Power Generator Project

28 – Scott River Watershed Council, Scott River Headwaters Forest Health, Fire Safety, and Water Quality Improvement Project

29 – Smith River Community Services District, Water System Emergency Generator Project

30 – Treasure Creek Woods Mutual Water Company, Water Storage and Distribution System Improvement Project

31 – City of Trinidad, Trinidad-Westhaven Community Water Reliability, Security and Enhancement Project

32 – Weaverville Sanitary District, Sewer Improvements Project

33 – City of Willits, Improving Willits Water Supply Reliability and Drought Resiliency with Groundwater and Conjunctive Use

34 – Watershed Research and Training Center, South Fork Trinity River – Spring Run Chinook Salmon Restoration Project – Phase II

35 – Yurok Tribe , Upgrading Critical Infrastructure to Support Resource Recovery in the Blue Creek Sanctuary

36 – City of Weed, Automated Meter Reading Project

NCRP 2019 Proposition 1 IRWM Project Proposals