General Planning Resources

Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) Capacity Building,
RCAC Training Courses,
EPA Training Courses,
Sacramento State Office of Water Programs Water and Wastewater Operator Training/Courses,

Governance Summaries

Governance Summary,
Funding Program Agency & Project Type Table,
California LAFCO,
California Special Districts Association,
California Association of Mutual Water Companies,
Private Water Law Blog,

GIS Maps


Technology Overviews

Storage Facilities,
Water Distribution,
Small Community Wastewater Overview,
Septic Systems,
Conventional Gravity Sewers,
Alternative Sewer Systems,
Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation,
Aerobic Treatment Units,
Package Plants,
Spray and Drip Irrigation,
Center for Disease Control and Prevention Guide to Drinking Water Treatment Technologies for Household Use,
EPA WaterSense,
California Water Environment Association,
National Environmental Services Center,