North Coast Plans, Policies and Reports

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The Hoopa Valley Tribe developed a guidance document about current technologies available to treat and manage wastewater on Tribal lands. The guide includes: Options Evaluation Methodology; Disposal Solutions Scenarios; and Management Model Guidelines

This toolkit is designed to help with Energy Assurance Planning (EAP) for a region of interest.  Each sheet contains information and instructions for filling out the tables. More details on the general EAP process can be found in the companion document Site Resilience and Energy Assessment Process for Key Assets.

Guide for Tribal Renewable Energy Sovereignty Master Planning. The Bear River Tribe developed the guide to other sovereign nations and municipalities as a template for developing on-site renewable energy to supply a year-round energy surplus for all energy needs, with particular applicability to other North Coast sovereign nations and Humboldt County.

Regional renewable energy analysis and GHG accounting framework: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment Roadmap for the North Coast Regional Partnership, Schatz Energy Lab

Regional renewable energy analysis and GHG accounting framework: North Coast Resource Partnership Integrated Strategic Plan: Climate Change Mitigation, GHG Emissions Reduction and Energy Independence, Redwood Coast Energy Authority