NCRP Zotero Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Bibliography

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The NCIWFMP uses Excel workbooks as an input framework for agricultural producer inputs and is based on calculating a water and nutrient balance for a variety of crop types for enhanced management of farm resources and to maximize crop production.

This toolkit is designed to help with Energy Assurance Planning (EAP) for a region of interest.  Each sheet contains information and instructions for filling out the tables. More details on the general EAP process can be found in the companion document Site Resilience and Energy Assessment Process for Key Assets.

Guide for Tribal Renewable Energy Sovereignty Master Planning. The Bear River Tribe developed the guide to other sovereign nations and municipalities as a template for developing on-site renewable energy to supply a year-round energy surplus for all energy needs, with particular applicability to other North Coast sovereign nations and Humboldt County.

Opportunities and constraints for biomass energy in the region: Biomass Energy in the North Coast Region: An Assessment and Strategy for Ecologically and Socially Compatible Development, The Watershed Research and Training Center

Regional mapping of forest based carbon sequestration (>4 Billion Metric Tonnes CO2e/year): Carbon Inventory Estimates for the North Coast Resource Partnership, Dogwood Springs Forestry

Regional renewable energy analysis and GHG accounting framework: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment Roadmap for the North Coast Regional Partnership, Schatz Energy Lab