North Coast Spatial Data

The North Coast Resource Partnership regularly compiles the most up-to-date and relevant geospatial data to assess landscape and human factors impacting ecological and social health in the North Coast Region.

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The North Coast Resource Partnership is providing access to its library of spatial data as ESRI map packages.  An ESRI map package is a container of map content that can be extracted and automatically opened in ArcMap by double clicking the package.  Once downloaded, double click the package and a map will open. Please note, this process may take a little while.

North Coast Map Packages

North Coast Map Packages

The page contains links to packages for various content themes. The themes are briefly described and a full listing of the data contained in the packages can be found in the data catalog.

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Boundaries and Districts: this package contains the boundaries for various agencies and jurisdictions that are contained with the NCRP area. Such boundaries include counties, tribal lands, resource conservation districts, political districts, and others. In addition, locations of key NCRP projects are part of this package.

Climate Change: this package contains historical climate data as well as future projections of climate.  Historic and future climate data is included for winter temperature, summer temperature, precipitation, snowfall, snowmelt, snowpack remaining, evapotranspiration, recharge, soil water storage, excess water, and climatic water deficit.

Critical Habitat: this package contains datasets for wetlands, salmon stream habitats, critical habitats for threatened and endangered species, and other critical habitats.

Energy Potential: this package contains datasets for existing power infrastructure and the potential for new renewable energy sources. Included are datasets for existing electric transmission lines, power plants, hydro plants, natural gas pipelines, wind power, geothermal potential, wave power potential, and solar power potential.

Fisheries: this package contains datasets related to the key salmon species of Chum, Coho, Chinook, and Steelhead. Evolutionary significant units (ESUs) , distribution, and abundance.

Hazards Risk: this package contains datasets for fire, flood, and sea level rise hazards. Included are historical fires, wildland fire potential, flood probability, and sea level rise models.

Hydrology: this package contains the datasets related to water basins, drainages, rivers, and streams. This includes boundaries for hydrologic area, Watershed Management Areas, dams, rivers, 303d listed waterbodies, and water jurisdictions.

Landuse/Landcover: this package contains land use and land cover datasets.  Specific datasets include vegetation type and carbon storage.

Public and Protected Lands: this package contains datasets that represent lands and waters that are conserved in fee or protected by conservation easements or other means.  Areas depicted in this package include national forests, national parks, wilderness areas, state parks, marine protected areas, and other areas.

Socioeconomic: this package contains datasets related to the North Coast’s economy and demographics. Included are areas which indicate disadvantaged or severely disadvantaged communities, economically distressed areas, urban growth areas, and General Plan uses.