NCRP Integrated Local Plans

Local plans that are integrated into the NCRP planning process include Storm Water Resources Plans and Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plans.

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North Coast Region Storm Water Resource Plans

Storm Water Resource Plans (SWRP) are a requirement for receiving grant funds for storm water and dry weather runoff capture projects from any bond approved by voters after January 2014, per Senate Bill 985, the Storm Water Management Planning Act.  SWRP’s encourage the use of storm water and dry weather runoff as a resource to maximize water supply, water quality, flood management, and other community benefits within the watershed. North Coast SWRPs to be incorporated into the NCRP Plan include:

Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plans

Four Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plans (ICWMPs) have completed in the North Coast region, including planning processes in Trinidad, the Mattole River watershed, the Russian River watershed, and the Salmon Creek watershed. All of the ICWMPs in the North Coast region emphasize a programmatic approach and have specific objectives related to reducing pollution in impaired waters and sensitive habitats, including the Critical Coastal Areas (CCAs), Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS).


NCRP Integrated Local Plans