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Internet of Water Webinars: Water Budgeting

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Internet of Water Webinars: Water Budgeting

The California Department of Water Resources has developed a Draft Handbook for Water Budget Development: With or Without Models that provides a conceptual framework and guidance on water budgeting that is applicable to any state or region. Water budgets provide a means for evaluating the availability and sustainability of a water supply by tracking the movement of water into and out of a watershed. The Water Budget Handbook defines the components of a water budget, documents multiple methods for water budget accounting (with and without models), and identifies necessary considerations for water budget development. It also contains real-world examples and calculations with case studies from California.

In this webinar, the Water Budget Handbook authors Abdul Khan, Todd Hillaire, and Paul Shipman will present an overview of the Water Budget Handbook, answer questions about water budgeting, and solicit feedback. To improve the draft version, the authors would like to hear from you about: (1) the challenges are you facing, (2) which water budget components are important for your state/region, and (3) what kind of tools or guidance would help you with water budgeting/accounting?

Join the Internet of Water and the CA Department of Water Resources for this webinar to: 

Learn about the Water Budget Handbook and how to develop or improve water budgets;

Ask the authors your questions about water budgeting; and

Share your feedback to improve the Draft Water Budget Handbook and its relevance to your needs and context.

Water Budget Handbook links:

The Water Budget Handbook and associated FAQs can also be found on the Sustainable Groundwater Management Office’s Data and Tools page under the reports section.


September 2, 2020


All day