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Bay Hill Ranch Watershed Walk & Talk

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Bay Hill Ranch Watershed Walk & Talk

Bay Hill Ranch Watershed Walk & Talk

Saturday, August 25


(and stay for lunch after 12pm)

at the Bay Hill Ranch, Bodega Bay, CA

Get to know the Bay Hill Ranch, one of two ranches in the Bodega area owned by Freestone Ranch producing grass-fed, holistically managed beef. Meet the ranchers (Jon and Misty Gay), the Bay Hill Ranch property and the happy, healthy cows.

In this event, we will take a hike to see what coastal erosion into Bodega Bay looks like and what the ranchers are doing to make the watershed healthier. We will walk about 2 miles on dirt roads and some steep hills and fields for about 2 hours. We will see the Quinlan Gulch Creek, discuss the holistic grazing model, look at various watershed improvement projects, answer any technical questions and enjoy the beauty of the coastal land.

Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District staff will be present to talk about Freestone Ranch’s recently written Carbon Farm Plan and the projects it prescribes to combat global climate change right here on Bay Hill Ranch. Projects like applying compost, planting woody plant species along the creeks and wetland areas, and excluding cattle from grazing in sensitive areas are helpful to repairing the soil and sequestering carbon dioxide. In turn, they get healthier soil, which gives healthier forage and healthier cows.

This event is an opportunity to share time together on the land and for folks to “meet their farmer”. The ranchers look forward to this chance to teach their philosophy of land care, showcase their creative solutions to local and global land management problems, and introduce folks to the happy, healthy cows. After the hike, we’d like to take the conversation down to the Estero Café where we can chat over Freestone Ranch burgers–the delicious bi-product of all their good land management. There, the ranchers will discuss family recipes for beef and bones.

Watch videos of the ranch for a preview of what you’ll see. And stay tuned for future events at Freestone Ranch.

Registration is required to receive directions to the meeting point. We look forward to seeing you there!


August 25, 2018


10:00 am – 12:00 pm