Economic Valuation of Natural Capital and Economic Analysis for Trinity River Water

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The NCIWFMP uses Excel workbooks as an input framework for agricultural producer inputs and is based on calculating a water and nutrient balance for a variety of crop types for enhanced management of farm resources and to maximize crop production.

The Hoopa Valley Tribe developed a guidance document about current technologies available to treat and manage wastewater on Tribal lands. The guide includes: Options Evaluation Methodology; Disposal Solutions Scenarios; and Management Model Guidelines

Opportunities and constraints for biomass energy in the region: Biomass Energy in the North Coast Region: An Assessment and Strategy for Ecologically and Socially Compatible Development, The Watershed Research and Training Center

Regional mapping of forest based carbon sequestration (>4 Billion Metric Tonnes CO2e/year): Carbon Inventory Estimates for the North Coast Resource Partnership, Dogwood Springs Forestry

Regional economic valuation of natural capital and regional economic analysis: Technical Report for the North Coast of California Ecosystem Service Valuation, Earth Economics