NCRP Tribal Nomination & Voting Process is Open

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August 9, 2022

NCRP Tribal Nomination & Voting Process is Open

We are pleased to announce that the Tribal Nomination & Voting Process is open. Tribal representation in the NCRP governing body is a guiding principle for the NCRP. Tribal Representatives help to provide oversight to the NCRP planning process, help to choose which projects will be funded in the region to shape watershed and forest management, and guide Tribal participation in the Region.

Selected NCRP Tribal Representatives will:

  • Guide the development of a North Coast Regional Forest and Fire Plan, which is inclusive of Tribal management for forest and fire resiliency
  • Select the second round of Proposition 1 IRWM Implementation grant awards
  • Coordinate the Tribal capacity-building and technical assistance program of the NCRP

Nomination materials are due by August 24, 5 pm. Please contact Sherri Norris, NCRP Director of Tribal Engagement, if you have any questions.

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