Small Community Toolbox

The NCRP Small Community Toolbox provides resources and references that allow small communities to approach the management of local water and wastewater infrastructure in a systematic fashion. The Toolbox is not a substitute for professional assistance with operations, management, engineering and legal issues. Rather it is intended to help small utilities develop a “first order” understanding of what their options are, how they should begin to budget, and how to get help.

The goal of the toolbox is to provide additional resources to small communities that help them minimize gaps and allow small and or disadvantaged purveyors to more effectively move through the Utility Management Cycle and access financial and technical assistance.


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The Small Community Toolbox has been created to provide resources to help with system maintenance, replacement and upgrades as well as to assist in the project development process.

The following link will allow you to download the Small Community Toolbox Summary Report which was designed to be used as an interactive electronic document. NCRP Small Community Toolbox Summary Report

The following link will allow you to download a zip file of the Toolbox onto your computer:

Toolbox zip file link (56 MB)

After unzipping the folder, you will have access to a copy of the Toolbox (see instructions).

Demonstration Projects

Demonstration Projects

Demonstration Projects were used to “beta-test” the Small Community Toolbox, provide real engineering support to providers, and allow for the development of case studies to serve as examples for the North Coast Region and the state as a whole. Under this program, demonstration project hosts have received assistance with the development of preliminary funding applications and pre-applications to a variety of grant programs, lists of funding opportunities specific to their project, preliminary engineering reports, and or project feasibility analysis.

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Small Community Toolbox Demonstration Projects

Orleans Community Service District Water Demand and Supply Analysis Demand Analysis

  • Existing user demand estimation
  • Projected user demand estimation

Orick Community Service District Decentralized Wastewater System Feasibility Analysis

Modified Preliminary Engineering Report to evaluate a conceptual design for cluster wastewater systems, focused on the areas of highest septic density

Pine Mountain Mutual Water Company Groundwater Well Air Intrusion Analysis

Modified Preliminary Engineering Report to evaluate options to address an existing groundwater well which is currently affected by air intrusion.

Callahan Water District Water Treatment Plant Filtration Evaluation

Modified Preliminary Engineering Report developed for the SWRCB Division of Drinking Water to evaluate filtration options to address Surface Water Treatment Rule requirements for control of protozoan Cryptosporidium

Weed Solar/Wind Energy Feasibility Report

Renewable Energy Feasibility Study for Solar and Wind to offset wastewater system pumping costs

Graton Community Service District Collection System Repair and Rehabilitation Alternatives Analysis

  • Data Collection and Site Review
  • Sewer Collection System Condition Assessment based on existing data
  • Hydraulic Assessment
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Implementation Strategy and Next Steps

Huckleberry Mutual Water Company Water System UV Disinfection Project

Provide assistance with securing financing for a filtration system and meters.

Kashaya Utility District Water Supply Reliability Improvement Project

Evaluation of funding sources for storage system upgrades, raw water backwash capture, and backup electricity supply.

Lewiston Park Mutual Water Company Alternatives Analysis for Improved Drinking Water Quality

Evaluate alternatives to improve the existing surface water treatment plant which are necessary to provide finished water compliant with current Division of Drinking Water standards

Smith River Community Service District Analysis of Opportunities for Photovoltaic Systems on District Facilities

Evaluate the feasibility of adding solar energy production to small water districts

Newell Water District Well Evaluation Study & Recommendations

Groundwater Well Evaluation Study